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Spar Cove

By September 4, 2014Uncategorized
Kayaking in Spar Cove,
It is late afternoon.
My hearts goes quiet and open
As soft rays spill through the lattice of leaves
Upon needles and branches
Laid low by the passage of time…
I am floating with the awareness of how nature
Opens with grace
Into the flow of change.
How it
Repurposes its matter
Into new use and form.
How this great pine now bows to earth
Its craggy strength worn
Bare and bald by sun and salt.
How it’s small branches, once vibrant with movement and light
Lie stark and raw…sharp essence of bone.
How the woodpeckers artful rhythm upon the deep chested trunk
Formed openings through which the wind now whistles and cries
Strains of some ancient and indigenous flute…
And Known.
This landscape understands…
How everything shapeshifts from one heartbeat to the next
In a day, a million shades and moments pass
Each exquisite and perfect,
Deeply present and gone.
I catch myself muscling the water beneath me
And relax my effort into harmonic resonance
With this liquid and essential moving essence.
I begin to breath with the lung of the One who breathes
Somewhere deep beneath it all
Rise and Fall
Ebb and Flow
Open Close
Turn Return
The gull cries, “All is change and all is beautiful” into the shifting sky.
My heart goes wide and deep
As a great osprey wheels above the pines,
It’s Feathers glinting like the rippling surface
Of this tidal bay beneath my boat.
Everywhere around me
A thousand expressions of oneness
Sparkle and dissolve
Turn and Return
Rise and Fall…
In the light of the Surrendering Sun.