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Musing at the Threshold of 2015!

By December 31, 2014Uncategorized



Dear Illumina Family,

Once again, we stand at a point of ritual passage, where we embark anew on our next Voyage   around the sun. The wheel of the year has turned and it is time to tune our intentions to what is most needed for evolution during the next Revolution. Seems to me, clarity of intention equals good GPS capability, meaning if we know where we want to go and we plug in the right coordinates, we’ll be given all kinds of magical assistance en route. Does this mean we can totally avoid last minute route closures (stumbling blocks) traffic (clogged up energy), Low tide (timing issues) or any other potential annoyances on the thru-line to where we are going? No.  But if we are committed and keep a head leveled and steadied by the heart, we will likely land in the gorgeous place we’ve dreamed into being, or better yet, one far vaster than our small mind could imagine.

Speaking of GPSs, it’s always important to load the most current map, right?  The numerology of the universal year is an important part of this concept as it sheds light on some of the challenges and boons we may encounter on our trek.  We are entering a number 8 year.  In the Kundalini tradition, the number 8  is associated with the pranic (energy) body. If you turn the number 8 on its side, you see infinity, the wheel of birth, life, death and rebirth looping back on itself. If you travel along that shape, you feel and understand the energy of karma and the relationship of our finite selves to the infinite. This is a good year to work with the concept of reciprocity, the laws of giving and receiving.  What you put forth in the world energetically will come back to you, so offer in your life now from the balanced space of the heart and you will receive blessings in return… if not immediately, then at some point yet to be determined…This waiting can be a test of faith and also can reveal the purity of intention. Stand tall and steady at the prow of your ship.  Steer clear and true through the undulating waves of energy and the obstacles that will inevitably come.  Trust the shining beacons that light the way when the night is dark and the fog obscures your vision and above all know that your unique journey (with all its twists and turns) is infinitely sacred.

 “Be they inner journeys, be they outer travels, all trips elevate man, all voyages lift him up.”

~Mehmet Murat Ildan


Travel in Beauty Dear Friends and Happy 2015!

Love, Love, Love!

Jo Bell

p.s Click here for a beautiful Kundalini Kriya to help clear past Karma:) Just another helpful tool for your travel kit.


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