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The time is Now

By June 18, 2014July 28th, 2014Poetry
“Is this moment perfect?
This moment is perfect.
It is messy and dripping with human potential,
Rich with prosperous darkness,
Nurturing darkness that births the light.
Today I am dark,
A small deep thing
Made of brittle edges and gushy insides
And I am not inspired
But I am breathing.
And breathing is the thing
To sync into divinity
In this perfectly imperfect moment
Where my head hurts from the endless labor
Of slapping itself against
The trap of my mind.
Is this moment perfect?
It is perfect
As my heat rises
As each individual around me
Cracks the edges of my self made
Glass castle of what is”right”
And “good” and “easy”.
I can’t feel the light
Some days.
It feels remote,
And does that mean it doesn’t exist?
Just behind the horizon
of my small mind
Which is ragged and hilly
With daunting passes…
Did you think to look up?
Or better…
All the way down…
To the root of where you stand.
You are standing on the threshold
Of something…
You are standing at a gateway.
You can’t see because
Your eyes are rolled up
In studious tension…
Look down to the root.
The moment beneath you is sacred,
The secret passage to the adventure
I ask again,
Is this moment perfect?
This moment is perfect.
You must love the ground on which you stand.”


  • Sarah grove says:

    Thank you for sharing this! You read it at Flow 2 last week and I was repeating portions in my mind and trying desperately (to no avail) to locate it in google. What a gorgeous mindset. Thanks Jo!

  • admin says:

    Hi Sarah! Yay! I’m so glad it resonated with you. Thank you. Something I’m working on personally…every moment as a gateway:)