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Empty Bowl, Cracked Bowl, No Bowl At All…

By October 11, 2014Uncategorized
Something about an empty bowl
And beyond the empty bowl…
A rift and crack at the very core
So the very vessel disintegrates.
The place of no form.
How to contain energy
With out?
How to hold steady while a new
Holding arises?
Forge a new way
Form it of a substance mined
from the depths and core of heart.
No mud creation,
A beautiful crystalline energy
emerges hand to form..
Indestructible in all ways
But the inevitable.
That vessel has outworn it’s service.
Time to offer it up
To turn it over and drop it from your fingers
In a crashing dissolution
Of the why and how
Somewhere something is growing,
A chalice so pure, you cannot see.
It is clearly wrought and finely understood.
It contains all and nothing.
Keep breaking raw shapes and forms
Something subtle will reform
And reform will resonate
And resonance will cup reality
To Hold the essence
To Hold the light
Gone are stone and heavy cauldrons
Gone is gross alchemy
Gone is the principle of lead to gold
Keep breaking the vessel!
Keep dropping it from the purity of openness.
Filaments wrought in light and truth
Thread and weave from the sacred gesture
Of your hands dancing and turning
In open air.
The need for containment is shifting…
We are shifting.
An old way is dying
A new way is drifting
For now, sing this song of
Empty bowl, Cracked bowl
No bowl at all


  • Marketa says:

    Beautiful poem Jo!
    I’m Feeling every word…. of course it made me shed tears 🙂


  • admin says:

    Hi Beauty!

    Thank you!!! So glad it resonates. This one is really speaking to me again lately as well. In fact, I just sent it to a friend. xoxox